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Help Us Build a New Animal Shelter

Thousands of homeless animals in Coos County are looking to you for help.
Pacific Cove Humane Society was founded in 2000 for the purpose of establishing a new animal shelter that would serve the needs of our South Coast communities. We envision a shelter that will be a valuable community resource, where people can learn about pet care, participate as a volunteer, receive expert guidance in selecting a new pet for the family, and where the animals are cared for in an environment in which we can all take pride.
The Pacific Cove Humane Society is a community supported, non-profit organization. We receive no government funds, tax money or support from national humane organizations.

Since Pacific Cove Humane Society’s (PCHS) inception in Coos County in January 2000, this nonprofit agency has worked steadily toward the goal of providing adequate services for an overpopulation of animals and the placement of companion animals who can no longer remain with their owner.

PCHS has long had a goal of building a facility in a central location that could kennel pets waiting for adoption when a foster family isn’t available. This building would supplement our People-to-People program and relieve some of the pressure on the Coos County Animal Shelter. In addition, the board wanted the building to be a resource for public education on the humane treatment of animals and to be a convenient place for schools and the community to volunteer and experience the rewards of helping companion animals find an appropriate home. However, the challenge of finding property in a central location and the prohibitive cost of building a new facility caused the board to open their search up to existing buildings that could be remodeled to suit our purposes. The board found a property in a central location for the majority of Coos County’s population that had an existing building and purchased it in 2015.

Progress toward our goals has taken longer than we would like. However, progress is being made! PCHS has purchased a centrally located building at the corner of Ocean Boulevard and Vine Street in Coos Bay. The Coos Bay Planning Commission has approved zoning changes to allow it to be a facility for kenneling pets. The zoning changes required PCHS to construct a fence between the building and a neighbor which has been done. The city also required the construction of a parking lot with ADA access to the building. A contract has been signed with Knife River Corporation and completion of the parking lot and the ADA access is scheduled to be completed in be completed in November, 2017. In addition, PCHS replaced the roof on the building.

The next step is to remodel the building. Fundraising is ongoing to finance the remodel which has been designed by architect Lon Samuels.

It is worth noting that PCHS does not have accumulated debt. PCHS operates on a pay as we go basis. Debt has caused the closure of a number of facilities so PCHS is avoiding it.

PCHS relies on community support. We are a fully volunteer organization with no paid staff. All its activities are financed by donations, fundraising events and adoption fees. PCHS is a 501©(3) organization. Donations are tax deductible.

Our Mission

Pacific Cove Humane Society is dedicated to the humane care and responsible adoption of homeless companion animals in Coos County. Through an active program of public education, we promote the compassionate treatment of animals, with spaying and neutering the key means of eliminating animal overpopulation and unnecessary euthanasia.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about Pacific Cove, or helping as a supporter, donor, or volunteer. Thank you!

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