Our Dogs

Our Dogs
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If you are interested in giving a dog a good, loving home, contact us! The dogs would love to meet you. Just drop us an e-mail requesting information or call us.
Each dog needs a new life and you can help!


A sweet 8 yr old, 8-10 lb. Min Pin, that will be neutered soon.  He's very loving, cuddly & minds well.  He's afraid of cats, good with other dogs & kids.  He needs a fenced yard or kept on leash because if off leash, takes off to explore!  Evaluation required. [...]


A very handsome, loving 6 yr. old neutered German Shepherd. He needs a fenced yard and an active family with older gentle kids. Best if only pet and definitely NO CATS!! He’s crate trained, and his large one will go with him. Evaluation required.