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Does PCHS have a paid fund raiser or any other paid employee?


I heard you opened in 2000, how come you are not further along?

In building our new animal adoption center, we are being very careful to not go in debt, paying for all renovations with cash, and ensuring we have adequate funds to operate for at least two years after opening. In the mean time, we continue to run our People to People Adoption program, keeping animals in their present home, while we facilitate finding a new home for the animal. To date we have been able to purchase a building, install a new roof and put in place a parking lot, all debt free.

What makes your agency better than other animal agencies that I should donate to yours?

The existing animal placement agencies are doing the best job they can to place all the homeless animals in Coos County, however they cannot help them all, which puts animals brought to the Coos County Animal Shelter at risk for euthanasia if the county has no room for them. Our Humane Society will provide additional room for homeless animals to be available for adoptions, thus reducing the euthanasia rates in our county. We are also centrally located in Coos County to allow easy access for the community and our volunteers.

What happens to animals you don’t take in because of your facility’s space limitations?

We will continue to work with our People to People program, keeping the animal in their present home while we facilitate finding a new home for the animal. In the future, we hope to be able to coordinate with all animal agencies locally and in the state, to transport animals to other shelters to be put up for adoption where there is room.

Will all animals, regardless of age, be given the same chance for adoption in your shelter, or will you be selective in who you take in? Since the county shelter takes in the hard to adopt animals, maybe I should support them?

When we initially open, we will need to be very careful with our finances until we have achieved stability in meeting expenses and creating a reliable revenue stream. Because of this, we may not be able to take in animals that require a lot of medical attention and may not get adopted as quickly. We can still work with these animal’s current owners under our People to People Program, keeping the animal in their present home, or a foster home, if available, while we facilitate finding a new home for the animal. Hopefully in the future, we will have more flexibility in taking in hard to place animals in the animal shelter.

When do you intend to have your facility up and running?

Once we have completed all renovations for the new animal adoption center, have at least two years of operating expenses, and an established revenue stream to meet ongoing expenses, we will open.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, we are a 501(C)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Will major donors be recognized in some way?

Yes, we offer all major donors an option to have a part of the animal adoption center be named by them. We also will publish major donors in our annual newsletter. In addition, we recognize smaller donations with the Paw Print and One Square Foot programs.