Pacific Cove Humane Society

Mission Statement

Pacific Cove Humane Society is dedicated to the humane care and responsible adoption of homeless companion animals in Coos County.  Through an active program of public education, we promote the compassionate treatment of animals, with spaying and neutering the key means of eliminating animal overpopulation and unnecessary euthanasia. 


Since Pacific Cove Humane Society’s inception in Coos County, Oregon, January 2000, this nonprofit agency has worked steadily toward the goal of providing adequate services for an overpopulation of animals.  Staffed by a host of generous community volunteers, including a board of directors and office volunteers assisting owner-to-owner adoptions, the society now endeavors to enact its dream: a modern shelter in a central location which will greatly reduce the number of homeless and abandoned animals each year.  Already plans are underway for the structure, but community support is needed.

Pacific Cove Humane Society originally formed with the intent of making a proposal to operate the county shelter on Southport Road, but problems were insurmountable.  Due to property restrictions, including inadequate septic and insufficient space, there is an overflow of animals in dire circumstance. Construction of a new shelter, with specifications drawn by local architect Lon Samuels, will not replace the current dwelling but provide a critical expansion of service: a facility which accommodates not just an increase in county populace, but public education and discourse, counseling services for clients, sufficient lodging for kittens, puppies and small mammals, quarantines, adoptions, and retail space for sustained revenue. 

Pacific Cove Humane Society relies on community support.  It is a 501(c)(3) organization which offers complete financial disclosure via federal tax returns and professional financial review documentation. Thousands of hours of volunteer service contributes to maintenance of the agency, with workers diligent toward the current goal: either for purchase, in the public sector, or donated, PCHS needs an approximate two-acre parcel which is centrally located with utility access, the right space and zoning, good neighbors, and a reasonable price.  It needs additional funding to build the shelter.  With this achieved, an increase in the protection and compassionate treatment of homeless animals will be secured and a broad community resource gained.   

Assistance needed by nonprofit organizations is nothing new. Other shelters in Oregon, like ones in Florence, Eugene, and Brookings, have proceeded with contributions from donors.  And across the nation the outcry over animal mistreatment, homelessness, and euthanasia swells.  Coos County is fortunate to have such a devoted group of caring volunteers, and the community is invited to join.  Whether through volunteering, contribution, or simply sharing the word with family and friends, Pacific Cove Humane Society welcomes your support.

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