Current Volunteer Opportunities

Current Volunteer Opportunities
Current Volunteer Opportunities 2017-11-29T23:15:19-08:00

We are looking for people who have a passion for animal welfare and want to help us reach our goal of developing a new animal adoption center for the Coos County region, while continuing to support our People to People adoption program during that transition. At this time we are completely run by volunteers, with no paid staff.

Board Member

We are seeking Board members to assist us with our mission. Board members are required to attend a monthly meeting in Coos Bay and are working members of our organization, which means we also participate in our fundraisers and other tasks as needed. We are looking for organized, self starters and leaders. Any skills are welcome, with the goal in mind to diversify our professional base. Retired professionals, someone with business management experience or experience running a business, or those currently in professions such as financial, accounting, legal and contracting are a plus, to help guide us in our decision making.

Foster Homes

Until our animal adoption center is built, we rely on either current owners or foster homes to keep animals available for adoption, until we can find their forever homes. We need more loving foster parents to assist with this process. If you have room in your home and the time to love an animal in need, we need your help. Please complete and submit a Volunteer Application form.

Volunteer Coordinator

We are looking for someone to help us grow and utilize our volunteer base in more productive ways to achieve our mission. This position needs someone who is organized, likes to lead and is good with people.

Fundraising activity lead or support

This position would assist with current fundraisers, or have the opportunity to develop other small and/or large fundraisers throughout the year, working in conjunction with the community and local businesses. We also are looking for volunteers to increase public awareness of Pacific Cove Humane Society at farmer’s markets and festivals throughout the year.

Pacific Cove Humane Society has two regular fundraisers each year, Bite of the Bay and Santa Paws, which needs support by volunteers to be a success. Our upcoming Bite of the Bay on April 10, 2018 is in need of volunteers to help with various duties throughout the event.

In-Kind donations of Professional Services

We are looking for professionals with a trade that may be willing to donate some of their time in the planning and remodel of our facility, to accommodate the needs of our new animal adoption center. We have developed plans with a volunteer architect in the community and will be completing the remodel in phases, as funds allow.

Capital Campaign Leaders

Fundraising is an essential part of our organization, both in raising the money for the cost of our remodel and ongoing operating expenses. We need people who have good people skills and are comfortable with approaching people and businesses for large cash donations to support our mission. Someone with grant writing experience, connections in our communities or good networking skills would be a plus.