Volunteer Policy

Volunteer Policy
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Volunteer Participation

Volunteers are vital partners in the success of Pacific Cove Humane Society, and volunteer service should be rewarding and effective. Areas of volunteer service include clerical and administrative work, planning and staffing fundraisers, staffing the information booth at community events, participating in the People to People pet-matching service, publicity and photography, participating in parades, and providing professional expertise for special projects.

Pacific Cove Humane Society (PCHS) volunteers must first complete an application and be accepted by PCHS prior to the performance of a task. Volunteers serve at the sole discretion of the PCHS Board of Directors. Both the volunteer and PCHS have the right to terminate the volunteer’s association with PCHS at any time, for any reason, with or without cause. Unless specifically stated, volunteers shall not be considered as agents of PCHS. Board members are considered volunteers.

Definition of a Volunteer

A volunteer is anyone who, without compensation or expectation of compensation beyond possible reimbursement of expenses, performs a task at the direction of and on behalf of PCHS.


In a limited number of situations, volunteers may be eligible for reimbursement for expenses incurred while performing their tasks if the reimbursement has been approved in advance (prior to the date that the volunteer activity is completed) by the PCHS Board of Directors.

Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities

Volunteers are viewed as a valuable resource for PCHS. Volunteers will be extended the right to be given meaningful assignments, the right to be treated as equal co-workers, the right to appropriate training and supervision, and the right to recognition for work done. In return, volunteers agree to actively perform their duties as outlined by PCHS to the best of their abilities; to ask for help when needed to understand or perform their duties; to maintain confidentiality; and to remain loyal to the mission, policies and procedures of PCHS.

Unless appointed by the Board of Directors, volunteers will refer all media requests for interviews to a member of the Board. If a volunteer is contacted several times for assignments, and is unable to serve, their name may be removed from the contact list.

Criminal Records Check

Volunteers in certain assignments (working with children, for example) may be asked to submit to a background criminal records check. Volunteers who do not agree to the records check may not be accepted.